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    Summertime on the Point


    Sometimes I think I’m completely adjusted to my new life, but then I know - it hasn’t even begun. 

    I filed for divorce.

    It was the right thing to do for my own health and happiness and also for his. Though we’ve been some type of companions for over a decade, we were never husband and wife, not the way I define it at least. So the time is upon me to redefine, in a kind, honest and loving way, how I choose to be on the earth. Who I am, What I will spend my hours doing, How much love and energy I will expend and What is right or wrong all need examination. 


    I love that these are MY choices. I believe that the divine is within me. I take the time to tune into that. All the answers are there, and nowhere else.  I make choices easily when I know who I am.  I want to lead an expanded life, a life of adventures and knowledge. I want to keep learning and keep being curious. I want to stand in awe of everything I see and get deep, as deep as possible into where my bliss leads me. 


    My bliss leads me to the ocean, to the waves, to the whales! Salty sea breezes and salty sea kisses capture my body and soul and send me on a journey of delight that I’ve never even  really dared to imagine or believe in before. And yet, this is my life. My heart, my emotions, my cells are leading the way and calling me to follow; follow with abandon! Like the whale is compelled to follow its migration path, year after year, I am fated to follow my very soul. I have no choice if I want to have a heightened existance, live my finest, truest and most authentic life. And that's all I've ever wanted.


    I’m taking my art on the road! I’m heading to Nantucket and New Bedford and Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard and Bar Harbor, whales and seals in hand! Soon I’ll have sharks as well, sharks with hinges on their ridiculously over toothed jaws and small curiosities in their bellies.

    All to delight me. All to delight everyone who sees them. Smiles. Joy. Curiosity. Love. This bliss is my life. This is my present. This as it is: will be. I have never been more passionate, satisfied or delighted in my one and only wild and precious life.



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